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Record it on your HEAR: volunteering with CEN8

Through volunteering, you can make a meaningful, positive impact on your community. It’s also great way to develop new skills and experiences and meet a diverse range of people. As well as a sense of achievement, it can also help you develop useful experience for your future career. CEN8 is an organisation based at Goldsmiths which offers volunteering opportunities that you can record on your HEAR.


CEN8 is a non-profit organisation that works with children and young people to support their creative potential and ensure they can access the creative arts regardless of their financial or social circumstances. Founded by Ken Breinburg and Gill Jarman, CEN8 is a creative network of industry professionals. They believe that creativity can enrich lives, connect people from different cultures and backgrounds and enable individuals to express themselves and develop transferable skills.

Volunteering with children and young people

As a student volunteer, you can get involved in a wide range of projects, from supporting children and young people in creative projects to media and marketing behind the scenes. If you are interested in working with artists and musicians to deliver creative activities you can get involved in these roles and record them on your HEAR.

  • Volunteer Facilitator/Mentor
  • Volunteer Facilitator / Mentor Plus
  • Lead Volunteer Facilitator /Mentor

Each role is a step on from the previous role allowing you to progress, take on more responsibility and develop further skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership.

Volunteering in events and marketing

If you are more interested in volunteering behind the scenes and interested events, media and marketing, you can get involved in these roles. Again, each role allows you to progress and take on more responsibility.

  •  Volunteer Promotions/Marketing and Events Organiser
  • Volunteer Promotions / Marketing and Events Organiser Plus
  • Lead Volunteer Promotions /Marketing and Events Organiser

All of these roles offer you the opportunity to put the theory you are learning into real life practice.

CEN8 is based at Goldsmiths and activities take place on campus on Saturdays. There is also an open house every Wednesday afternoon where you can catch up with Jill and Ken and the other volunteers and plan projects.

If you would like to get involved with CEN8 – contact Gill Jarman gilljarman@cen8.com http://cen8.com/index.html

These are HEAR Additional Recognised Activities, to record them on your HEAR, you need to submit a verification form on the HEAR area of learn.gold before 30th June (forms are available from end of May).




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