HEAR, Meet Your Verifier, Student Ambassador

Meet Your Verifier: Daniel, Student Ambassador Coordinator

Student Ambassadors deliver outreach and recruitment activities both at Goldsmiths and in schools and colleges. It’s a varied and important role promoting Goldsmiths and Higher Education. You meet new people, and it’s well paid. Daniel Bond, Student Ambassador Coordinator and HEAR Activity Verifier, talks to HEAR Coordinator Joanie Magill.

Daniel’s advice to his younger self starting university, “get involved more”.

If you are a Student Ambassador and you would like your role recorded on your HEAR, you need to complete the criteria below:

• Completed 20 hours or more of Ambassador work
• Completed core training and online Educare programme (this only needs to be completed once)
• Been involved in a range of activity (minimum 3 different types of activity)

Once you have completed the criteria, you can complete a verification form on the HEAR area of learn.gold. Forms will be available in May / June and the deadline to submit is 31st July. You will get an email once your activity has been verified and you can see it when you log into your MyGoldsmiths account.


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