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5 activities to get involved in this year and record on your HEAR


Welcome back! New year. New term. New start.

Did you make any resolutions? If, over the holidays, you’ve been thinking about getting more involved in activities outside of your degree programme, I’ve put together a list of 5 activities you can get involved in now and have enough time to achieve the criteria to record them on your HEAR this year.

1. Be a leader of a Students’ Union sports club or society

If you’ve just joined a sports club or society at Refreshers Fayre or are a member and want to get more involved, this article and this video might help you decide if you’d like to become a committee member.

2. Get involved in Student Media

Have you been writing over the break and thinking about submitting articles to Smiths or the Leopard? If at least two of your articles are published in print or online before 31st May across a minimum of 1200 words, you are a Student Media Contributor and you can have this activity recorded on your HEAR.

If you get a show on Wired and rack up 10 broadcast hours between now and 31st May – you can have it recorded on your HEAR as Student Media Contributor.

3. Volunteer

CEN8 works with children and young people and is based on campus. You can get involved in delivering music, arts and drama activities or behind the scenes with marketing and PR. Director of CEN8, Gill Jarman talks about what you can get out of volunteering with this dynamic organisation in this video and there are six roles you can record on your HEAR.

4. Join a Community Action Group

Community Action Groups are student led groups that aim to make change in the local or Goldsmiths community through volunteering, fundraising or campaigning. You can find out what groups are out there by contacting Claudia Turkington, Students’ Union Societies and Community Development Coordinator. Community Action Group Volunteer, Leader and Committee Member are all HEARable roles.

5. Get skilled up with the Careers Service Enterprise Bootcamp

Over three days, you will learn how to come up with an idea, plan it, market it, and pitch it, all whilst gaining leadership and team working skills. The Careers Service Enterprise Bootcamp is perfect if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, currently working on academic and non academic projects like events and exhibitions, or if you just want to just develop useful transferable skills in a fun interactive way.

The full list of HEARable activities and what you need to do to get your activity recorded on your HEAR is available in the Section 6.1 database on the HEAR area of

Any questions? Contact


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