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One to watch – interview with Yuvesh, Societies Officer


From starting a Chocolate Society to organising Hackathons, Yuvesh talks to us about the many (many) societies he’s been involved in this year and how he’s going to help all societies next year in his new role as Societies Officer.


What course are you studying?

I am studying Games Programing. I always knew I wanted to do games programming and I knew that Goldsmiths had this course, so I went for it immediately. I enjoy the freedom the course gives us, in what we get to make, the work briefs are usually open so we can take it where we want and make whatever sort of game we would like.


Tell me about the activities you have done this year alongside your degree?

Pppfft, where do I start? I founded a new society, the Chocolate Society and was President of that. I got a committee together and we organised a bunch of fun events over the year.

I was the Vice President of the Anime Society where I helped run some sessions and filled in when the president was too busy.

I was also the Secretary of Gaming Society which was just making sure we booked rooms and filled in all the forms on time, Treasurer of LGBTQ+ Society where I helped with organizing some events, put up posters and kept track of the society’s funds.

I got really involved with Hacksmiths half way through the year and was given the role of Secretary. I organised committee meetings, volunteered at the large events, arranged one of the weekly talks with guest speakers who come and talk about their research. I was one of the main organisers for their biggest event of the year – the annual Hackathon which lasted over 30 hours and we had about 100 people in St James Hatcham. So we had to organise food for everyone, get all the safety checks, and we gave everyone t-shirts. We also got companies to sponsor the event.

I was also a Committee Member of International Society and helped them run and organise their events.

As well as all that I still had time to go to some of the sessions run by Tabletop Society and Salsa Dancing Society.


Why did you start a chocolate society?

It’s not because I have some unhealthy obsession with sweets. I found out some other universities have their own Choc Socs, and I was surprised we didn’t have one. So I did the logical thing and started one for us.

It makes for a good excuse to organise parties and eat sweets at the uni, i found a few of my friends that wanted to join the committee and we hosted events throughout the year, made loads of friends and ate so much chocolate. During Freshers’ we had a milkshake social, a pumpkin carving event for Halloween, for Valentine’s Day we moulded our own chocolate hearts and made cards.


What advice would you give to other students who are thinking of getting involved in Students’ Union Societies?

Students who want to start their own society? I would so go for it, if you have an idea for one that isn’t already taken you just need to fill in a form and find 10 people to join. It’s a lot of work, but it really pays off in the end. If you have any questions related to that you can speak to Claudia who works in the SU.

If you mean joining the Chocolate Society, then I can’t think of a reason not to join, either as just a member or on the committee; it’s a really friendly atmosphere, you get to be part of the sweetest society in Goldsmiths and you get to work with a bunch of cool people to organise events for everyone. We already have a committee for next year, but they won’t say no to have more people helping out.

That applies to all societies; if you think you can contribute to it or just want to help out just ask if you can join the committee. As a committee member you’d help out with events, book rooms, organise weekly sessions – and you can record the role on your HEAR.


What have you learned about yourself this year from starting a society?

From running the Choc Soc I learnt a lot about managing people, organising myself and my time.  Use a calendar, write everything down, if you say you’re going to do something, write it down otherwise you’ll forget.

I realised that I can do a lot more each day if I manage my time a little.  I also learnt making new friends is surprisingly easy, I had plenty of practise talking to new people.


Why did you want to record your activities on your HEAR?

I put in a lot of effort last year in the things I did, recording it on my HEAR gives me some proof I’ve done it all.

And it is right there and easy to do, why would I not do it?


Do you know what you want to do when you graduate?

I haven’t decided just yet, I might apply to do a masters or a PhD, or try my luck getting a job in the real world. I’m interested in getting into the tech or games industry.


Do you think the experience you have gained from your co-curricular activities will help you in any way with your future plans?

Definitely, I don’t think the event planning skills will carry over well, but definitely the social skills from meeting and dealing with so many people and the time management and organisational skills I have managed to pick up.

Definitely the stuff with organising Hackathons. I’ve also got an online portfolio so it contributes to that, and I made some contacts in industry. We contacted people working at various companies asking to sponsor us including Spotify.


Do you have any big goals or plans for next academic year?

Next year is my final year of my degree, so I should turn most of my attention to my studies. Saying that and I’m going to get involved with some of the bigger events being run by LGBTQ+ Society, Chocolate Society and Hacksmiths.

I am also Societies Officer next year, so will be helping out all the societies with their needs.

I’ll have an office hour every week so that people can come to me with their problems about societies or organisation of them and I can help out and I’m going to help every society.


Interested in joining or starting a society next year? All the information you need is on the Goldsmiths Students’ Union website.

Want to find out more about recording your society roles on your HEAR? Contact Joanie,


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