3 jobs you need to do this summer


You may be enjoying a well-deserved summer break or be stepping straight into full time work, but whatever you are doing, take a few minutes out to congratulate yourself on getting through the academic year and think about what’s next.

Job #1 Record your activities on your HEAR

Your activities aren’t automatically recorded on your HEAR. If you’ve done a HEARable activity or activities this year and you want them recorded on your HEAR, get in touch with the HEAR Coordinator.

Job #2 Reflect on what you’ve achieved

You’ve completed an academic year. You’ve finished your exams, essays, exhibitions, projects. You’ve balanced your academic studies with paid work and other activities outside of uni. Think about everything you’ve done over the past year.

Take a couple of minutes to congratulate yourself on getting it all done – and surviving!

Now think about the skills you’ve gained. Take a look at your Interim HEAR to remind you. For example you could have improved your communication skills by writing for student media, leadership skills by being the President of a Society, or interpersonal skills by being a Student Ambassador.

Write down the 3 main skills you’ve developed this year.

This is really useful to keep a record of because it makes applying for jobs, placements and internships so much easier.

Job #3 Plan for next year

Before you come back to uni, think about what you’d like to achieve next year and the kinds of activities you’d like to do to. Make a note of what you’d like to get involved in and put a date in your diary to remind you to start the process.

Have a fantastic summer break!!


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