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Help to shape Goldsmiths Library collection and get recognition on your HEAR


Would you like to be given a budget to choose new titles for the library?

Last year, Goldsmiths Library ran a scheme to give students the opportunity to choose resources. Over 134 items were added to the library catalogue, most of which were new titles. This year the scheme is back and it is recognised on the HEAR! Marion Harris, who runs the scheme talks about what’s involved and how you can join the scheme.


Tell me about the Student Library Rep project, how did it come about?

Last year I attended a conference and heard a Librarian from King’s College London talking about a project they had run called “Library Champions”, which involved giving student volunteers a budget to choose new library resources. I discussed it with my colleagues and we decided to start a similar initiative here at Goldsmiths. It seemed like a really good way to get students to engage with the library collections, and to get student input about what kind of resources they would like us to stock.


What do Student Library Reps do?

Essentially each Student Library Rep receives a budget of £300, which they use to choose new library resources. They have to advertise the scheme within their department to gather suggestions from their fellow students –for example they could use a Facebook group, or a Google doc. They then send their requests into the library using a book supplier’s database.


What will students get out of it?

The students will receive training about how to use the book supplier’s database, and guidance about managing their budget. There will also be some focus groups and job-shadowing sessions, so they’ll find out a bit more about how the library works behind the scenes. But most importantly, it’s a great way to engage with their peers and make a contribution to the learning experience here at Goldsmiths.


Will this experience help them after they leave Goldsmiths?

Definitely. Being a Student Library Rep is a good opportunity for developing workplace skills such as budget management, negotiation, communication and teamwork. It would also be good work experience for any students who are interested in a career in the Library and Information profession, as there will be opportunities to speak to library staff about their roles.


If a student becomes a Student Library Rep, why should they record their role on their HEAR?

In the library we really appreciate the hard work and insight that the Reps have brought to the project. We think it’s important that they should take the opportunity to have their contribution officially recognised through their HEAR – it’s a useful way of documenting their skills for job applications in future.


What do students need to do to become a Student Library Rep?

Students who are interested need to complete an application form with a few questions about why they are interested in the project. To get a form email me on, ask at the library helpdesk, or check out the HEAR page on the VLE.


Are there any other exciting developments / projects happening in the library this year?

Yes! Over the summer we replaced our Self-Issue machines with a more up-to-date model. We are also increasing the use of our Online Reading List system ( which enables students to link directly to the core texts for their modules. Last but not least, you will be seeing more of our Subject Librarians around campus as they are planning a “Pop-up Library” tour to demonstrate our resources during Week 5 of term (24th-28th October).


The last date to apply to be a Library Rep is Sunday 6th November 2016!
Find the application form on the HEAR area of (under the section What activities can I record on my HEAR?) or email



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