Goldsmiths HEAR – a blog recognising the amazing activities our students do alongside their degree.

What is the HEAR?

The HEAR is a new type of transcript. Not only is it a single record of all of your academic results, it also provides an opportunity to gain recognition for the additional co-curricular activities you do alongside your studies.

What can I record on my HEAR?

There are loads of opportunities to get involved in student life from writing and broadcasting, representing and mentoring your fellow students, to volunteering and activities within your department. In addition to being a good way to meet people outside your course and make friends, getting involved in activities helps you to build the kind of skills and experience that employers are looking for when you graduate.

How can I use my HEAR?

You can use your HEAR to plan and get recognition for the additional activities you do outside your degree, see and reflect on your progress and use it as official evidence of your achievements when you apply for jobs and internships. Find out more on our website how you can use your HEAR both at uni and after you graduate.

Where can I find out more?

Right here! On this blog, you can find out about the kinds of activities you can get involved in and record on your HEAR from students who are doing them and activity organisers.

If you have questions and can’t get the answers you need on the FAQ section of our website, or if you would just like to talk to someone about your HEAR, you can book a HEAR Quick Query by emailing HEAR@gold.ac.uk, popping in to The SPACE in RHB and making an appointment at reception, or call 020 7919 7137